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​High-Vacuum Extraction & Treatment Specialty Contractor

High-Vacuum High-Volume Mobile Treatment Systems

-  Free Product and Secondary-Source Removal Events
 -  Mobile High Vacuum Extraction & Treatment Systems
 -  Mobile Water Treatment Systems

WellTest, Inc. (WTI) is a CSLB-licensed specialty contracting business based in San Jose, California. WTI provides and operates purpose-built mobile high-vacuum extraction and treatment equipment to clean wells installed at gasoline and diesel-impacted properties. We perform petroleum-recovery events on wells located at or adjacent to primary petroleum release sources to satisfy the free product and secondary-source removal criteria of the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Low-Threat UST Case Closure Policy. For additional information call (408) 287-2175.

CSLB License #: 843074
WellTest, Inc. ® 595 Emory Street Suite B, San Jose, CA 95110

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